“My daughter has been coming here for three years, since she was four! We all appreciate the strong sense of community, dedication and fun.  The team here is highly skilled and motivating, with a positive emphasis on success. Highly Recommended!”
– Angela Manupella

“My whole family takes classes here and we love it!  No matter your age there is much to learn and fun to be had. The atmosphere is very family oriented and caring. They are great with kids and have a special Little Dragons program for the little ones. A blackbelt is a white belt that never quit!”
– Laura Beale

“My family started with West Coast Santa Teresa with KJN Joe Soltis and KJN Samantha in 2005. They were so supportive on our road to our black belt degree encouraging kids and adults alike to never give up. They really work with you individually to make sure you are ready for the next level. It is not something I ever thought I would do as an adult but with their encouragement I am proud to say I am a black belt. My youngest is now working towards her 4th degree after 10 years! No matter what comes up she knows she can count on West Coast Santa Teresa whom she considers her second family. Thank you for everything KJN Joe and KJN Samantha.”
– Debbie Condensa

“I can’t say enough about Sandy’s boot camp class. I have attended for several years and went from being a couch potato with knee problems to a 2-time ironman. In fact, I’ve also done 6 half-ironmen and numerous century rides since training with Sandy. I’ve lost weight and feel terrific.I attribute a great deal of this success to Sandy’s inspiration, coaching and encouragement. She is a consummate professional in terms of her skill in creating challenging workouts. But she combines those technical skills with a personal touch, where it is very clear to all of her students that she cares about us and wants to help us meet our goals. She is a great trainer, coach, and a wonderful human being and friend.”
– Bob B.

“This is an exceptional place.  My son and I have been going to West Coast Martial Arts class for a little over a year. We are both at the blue belt one level.  In addition to the excellent work out, the school helps cultivate a disciplined mind.  It also fosters respect, control, and comradery. The instructors (Samantha, Patrick, Matthew, Alex, and Raquel) are first rate and helpful. KJN Joe Sotis – owner and lead instructor – is a real master and absolutely exceptional.  We recommend West Coast Martial Arts most highly and without reservation.”
– David Fetterman

“There’s no place I’d rather be! KJN Joe Soltis has perfected the practice of building great, technical martial artists. But that’s not what makes this place so exceptional.  KJN Joe hires his own students who have been taught by him.  They’ve been taught not only martial arts, but life skills such as team work, discipline, perseverance, resilience and positive attitude.  He’ll give you the shirt off his back if you need it or get on you if you’re slacking.  He creates an atmosphere that working hard is fun.  There’s an extra special quality about this school:  it’s full of love and camaraderie.  Come join us…and bring the whole family!”
– Suzy Delgado

“Exceptional place, exceptional instructors.  You will never find better role models & teachers for your children, nor will you find a more family-friendly atmosphere and just overall great people (instructors and families) to be around.
Our son has been going to West Coast for more than 6 years.  Not knowing what we were getting into & not knowing if he’d ever stick with it – this is one of the best things, if not the best thing, that’s ever happened to him and us.   He’s almost 12, recently became a 1st-degree black belt, absolutely loves going to the studio, and wants to keep going as far as he can.  

KJN Joe and other awesome instructors absolutely fostered that desire, confidence, and love our boy has for these classes and martial arts.   I also have no doubt that he has made long-time, if not life-long, friends through his associations & classes at the studio.

The studio emphasizes “life skills”, respect, character, and principles – not just the technical skills.  The instructors impress upon the students to be their personal best and to help bring out the best in others.  Success is great, but trying hard and never quitting is even better.  They also emphasize, especially with the younger children, good school habits and appropriate behavior at home.

We cannot speak highly enough of KJN Joe – he genuinely loves what he does, wants the best for his students (kids & adults alike), is personally vested in people’s lives & interests, and just gives his heart and soul every single day to help others.
We feel very fortunate to be a part of the West Coast family and to have our son associated with such an extraordinary place.  The studio, KJN Joe and the West Coast staff are truly an extension of our family in more ways than one.”
– J.J

Never Quit Never Give Up